Property Acquisition / Development

Property acquisition / Development

SCHAEFER General Contracting Services provides a full array of services focused on supporting your property transactions. Our team will assist you with the due diligence necessary to ensure you end up with a property you’re happy with. Some of the ways we can help are:

PRE-ACQUISITION / DUE DILIGENCE – We assist with preliminary inspections of the land, and identify whether the land will be suitable for the client’s intended use.

PROPERTY ACQUISITION ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES / DUE DILIGENCE – We arrange all Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments, as well as all Phase 2 Environmental Investigations for soil/groundwater testing, underground storage tank removal/closure assessments, above-ground storage tank closure assessments, hazardous waste management, third party environmental assessment, review and opinion on environmental issues and estimated clean-up costs.

FACILITY ASSESSMENTS – We provide a general overview of the building’s condition, to include the; exterior envelope, exterior openings, roofing and flashings, floor framing and floor slabs, roof framing, HVAC system and duct work (if accessible) electrical system, indoor air quality and more. We provide conceptual solutions to correct found deficiencies in the facility, as well as probable construction costs to deliver solutions.

ZONING, COMPREHENSIVE PLAN AND LAND DEVELOPMENT CODES – We also provide general research to address specific questions regarding appropriateness and barriers to your development, as well as land use feasibility reports to assist the pro-forma determination for the intended development, net usable land determination, flood plan limits determination, utility service availability, storm water management criteria and approximation of pond areas, and estimated development costs and time schedule to complete.

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Property acquisition / Development