Pre-Construction Services

Pre-Construction Services

The pre-construction process is critical to the success of any project, and we utilize our best skill, effort and judgment to further the interests of the owner in developing their project. Our goal during the pre-construction process is to eliminate surprises once construction begins, and to build the project as cost effectively as possible. This is a collaborative effort between all parties, including the owner, architect, design / build consultants, structural and mechanical engineers and utility companies.

The process involves delivery methods, accurate conceptual and detailed cost estimating, site evaluation, as well as scheduling and selection of the best building systems for a particular project.

Our extensive database of completed projects provides us with historical analysis which allows us to finish our price quotes timely, accurately and efficiently. Because our database is very detailed and can be sorted by the type of job, our estimating staff is able to quickly provide accurate, realistic numbers.

We simply can't stress it enough ... our experience has taught us that getting involved EARLY is the key to a truly successful project! By doing so, we are better able to understand the project as it relates to the owner's needs and expectations.

The following is a list of the major tasks we perform during the pre-construction phase of a project:

  1. Attend planning meetings with the Owner's and Architect's teams.
  2. Provide preliminary evaluation of the program and project budget requirements.
  3. Prepare preliminary estimates of construction cost based on early schematic designs, area, volume or other standards.
  4. Assist the Owner and Architect in achieving mutually agreed-upon program and budget requirements and other design parameters. (We may provide cost evaluations of alternative materials and systems if necessary.)
  5. Review designs during development and advise on: site use/improvements, materials selection, building systems, equipment, and project delivery methods.
  6. Provide recommendations on relative feasibility of construction methods, availability of materials and labor, time requirements for procurement, installation and construction, and other factors related to cost, such as: costs of alternative designs or materials, preliminary budgets and possible economies.
  7. Prepare for the Owner a more detailed cost estimate of construction costs, utilizing estimating techniques which anticipate the various elements of the project, and are based on schematic design documents prepared by the Architect. We refine this estimate as the Architect prepares design development and construction documents. (We will also advise the Owner and Architect if it appears the construction costs may exceed the project budget, and will make recommendations for corrective action, if necessary.)
  8. Develop a Construction Schedule providing for all phases of construction, times of commencement and completion required of each separate trade.
  9. Help prepare necessary bidding info, forms and pre-qualification criteria for bidders, development of sub-contractor interest, establishment of bidding schedules, advertising for bids, distribution of plans and specs and conduct pre-bid conferences.
  10. We receive at least (3) competitive bids from all major trades and suppliers, then prepare a bid analysis for the Owner and Architect.

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Pre-Construction Services