The Value of SCHAEFER’s Site/Facility Assessments

Location, location, locationPrior to purchasing a parcel of land or an existing building, we help our clients understand the value of their potential purchase as it relates to their needs and expectations. Our deep and vast industry experience, coupled with our comprehensive site / facility assessment process, allows us to evaluate  overall building and site conditions BEFORE our client deposits money on a piece of ground or building, or before any adaptive reuse is ever started.  

A pre-purchase evaluation process includes an analysis of the proposed tract of land to ensure its suitability for the intended build-out. Appropriate drainage, site accessibility and lay of the land are major components analyzed to ensure the site fully supports the intended use of the facility. On existing buildings, we assess current systems for potential problems or necessary upgrades as well as general exterior and interior, mechanical/electrical/plumbing systems, structural elements, utilities, safety code violations and problematic areas where future issues might erupt. 

We provide conclusions, alternatives and recommendations for moving forward, along with a detailed, targeted plan of action to accomplish it all, including realistic conceptual budgets and timelines.  Count on SCHAEFER to eliminate surprises BEFORE a purchase is made or construction has started.