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Brown Forman renovationSavvy companies like Brown Forman choose a negotiated approach, rather than a traditional bid scenario, to engage their general contractor because they realize the value of having a dedicated team player. (project photo, right)

Why it's better to NEGOTIATE, rather than BID, your job. 

Most people believe the best way to select a contractor is have several of them bid the project, then the owner selects from the proposals and bids submitted. While this 'sounds' like a good idea, it’s terribly ineffective. Here are a few reasons why it’s better to NEGOTIATE with ONE contractor …

  1. When you negotiate with one contractor, the contractor becomes part of the design team and is involved in the design process … providing valuable input from the very beginning, identifying potential ‘budget busters’ BEFORE time-consuming and cost-intensive construction documents are completed.
  2. If the contractor is on board from the beginning, often times, initial site work can begin while drawings are still being finalized. This results in a TIME and MONEY savings for the client.
  3. Budgets are created in concert with plans, so they reflect actual, true costs.
  4. Much of the responsibility shifts to the contractor and not on the owner or architect, designer or engineer.  

 A NEGOTIATED approach builds trust and encourages all parties to work together to make scheduling, executing and pricing goals a reality.